Barfoot Maternity

My latest session and newest Coastie family (to be), the Barfoots did their session when Sonja was TEN DAYS from her due date! I’ve photographed a couple at 36 weeks, but never within DAYS of their due date! We picked a date on a weekend that just happened to have some extreme weather coming but obviously we had no choice but to keep it to that weekend, just in case! The day started out nice and warm and just 15 minutes before the session I was outside in a t-shirt. By the time I drove to the beach, the weather had turned from warm and sunny to cloudy, windy, and FREEZING cold! None of us were prepared for this, not to mention the wind on the beach was a little insane. We snapped a few pictures anyways but decided to try again the next day. That Saturday turned out to be even colder but at least the sun was out, so we met at a non-beach location hoping that would help with the wind. Sonja and her husband Scott were troopers to work through the cold without jackets on or gloves! Lord knows my fingers were frozen and I had gloves!

Fast forward a little bit, and I find out that Sonja and Scott delivered their baby girl the very next day on Sunday evening! Talk about great timing! Want to hear something else crazy? She told me afterwards that her water broke 30 minutes before our session on Saturday! And they didn’t tell me!! I even joked with them during the session that it was so close, she could have gone into labor before we could try session #2. They must have looked at each other smiling without me noticing! (Can you tell I’m still in shock?)

Anyways, I’m so happy for you both and wish you the best on this new adventure! If you can endure a photo session partially in labor, you can do anything! ;) Enjoy!


The Pedone family

Jessalyn set up a downtown Southport photo session right after Christmas for her whole family that was together for the holiday. There were lots of different family members, including her long-time bestie from childhood! We had a lot of fun walking around and we ended the session at the waterfront where the sky was really cool looking! I really enjoyed pointing out all the areas that scenes from Under the Dome on CBS was filmed to Jessalyn and her husband, which they loved so much they took a silly picture pretending to push against the “dome”!






The Baker’s gender reveal!

I know way too many people that are pregnant right now. There must be something in the water. All over the country. But as a photographer it got me really anxious to do a gender reveal photo shoot! Personally, I want to do one when I get that taste of the water and it’s our time for that. I just love the fact that I can be there to capture the raw, genuine emotions of finding out whether it’s a boy or a girl! It’s such a BIG moment in your life! So I met up with Amanda, her husband and their two oldest children; a yellow lab and a boxer, at Poplar Grove Plantation and we had a fun afternoon taking LOTS of different shots of announcing what they’re having! And in true country-boy fashion, her husband did not see the issue with keeping his camo trucker hat on! Enjoy! :)

 IT’S A BOY! :)

Christmas cards- 2013!

I had a very, very busy Christmas card season this past year! Busy in terms of, busier than last year! Starting with three sessions when I went home to Massachusetts for Thanksgiving week, my work continued with six more sessions within a two-week period! That’s a lot considering they all needed to be edited, put on a disc, sent out and received before the second week of December (my own deadline). With everyone ordering cards online these days, it takes time to create your cards, have them shipped to your house then turn around and send them back out to family and friends hopefully all before Christmas Eve! I need to look into offering Christmas cards for my clients! All I found this year were going to be pretty pricey.


The following are the families I met with after Thanksgiving for their Christmas cards!

Here is the Holston family, enduring a chilly, breezy afternoon on the beach for their pictures!


Here is John, Briana and Peyton! They came to my house to be the very first family to use my husband’s new old Ford F1. It wasn’t running or driving yet so we had to push it into position! Then we ventured down the street to some wooded area for a little change in scenery. The day started out drizzly but since we really had no time to reschedule, we went for it anyways and made it without any rain!


Here is the Morris family! For those not aware (which is a lot of you), I have a part time job working with Dr. Cammie Morris at her dental office in Shallotte, NC. We got together one afternoon after work for a quick session with her family outside with her husband’s old truck (at least his was running and driving at the time!- sorry hubby!) and then some fun shots inside her home with the kids. And for the record, the whole “messy kitchen/baking fiasco” shot was her idea! I was just an innocent bystander! But for the record, I love it with clients don’t mind getting messy and dirty because they can make for the best pictures! :)

Last, but not least: (maybe saving the best for last?) my ADORABLE nephew Nate was the best little 3 month-old Christmas elf for his First Christmas photo session! He’s just a perfect happy baby all together so his daddy and I were able to do all kinds with him and he only got fussy once when he wanted a lunch break! I know he looks a little awkward in the wooden sleigh but I was picturing him being a lot smaller than he was when I bought it! He is growing WAY too fast! But he’s getting cuter by the day! I’m so happy I get to document the first few years of his life while we’re living here! :)

Brittney and Hunter

The morning my flight landed back in Wilmington from my time home in MA I was off to another photo shoot! Keeping it in the family, this time it was with my husband’s sister, my sister-in-law Brittney and her long-time boyfriend Hunter. All I knew about this session was that it was going to be at Hunter’s grandfather’s land out in the country. Secretly, I was hoping Hunter was going to propose at some point during our shoot but I had a feeling that wasn’t going to happen. But really, this session was his idea, as was the location! What else was I supposed to think!?

As we drove up the dirt road I instantly fell in love! Huge grass fields are my favorite and this place was full of it! Not to mention an old cabin that was actually the house that Hunter’s grandfather was born and raised in. Literally. He showed me the room where all the children were born in. The place is completely vacant now but it was so awesome to get a little glimpse of how people lived in the 1930s, Southern country style!

Aside from loving the location, I love these pictures! Brittney and Hunter are so fun together and they obviously photograph very well. I married into one freaking good-looking family! These pictures were so gorgeous, the only real editing I had to do was change the color of Hunter’s socks! (He has a thing for wearing white socks and black dress shoes).

Enjoy! :)

My family: the Gigueres and the Jocks

Going home for Thanksgiving meant that I was going to be able to see my whole family and meet my brand new baby niece! Since I was already bringing my camera home I offered to take my siblings family pictures for Christmas cards. Of course it had to be the coldest day of the year so far on Thanksgiving Day! I think it may have reached a high of 32 that day, but no matter what we were determined to get outside and take pictures around my uncle’s beautiful home in Connecticut. We are New Englanders, after all. This might have been record times for a family session too. Lot’s of running around and hugging to “stay warm” for pictures and we were in and out in less than 10 minutes per family! Might have been the first session I did where I did not break a sweat, too!

Here’s my sister Brooke, Dan and their children:


And here is my brother Caleb and his wife Sara and their two babies




The Sassone Family

I met Kristy years ago. She is a fellow military wife and we banded together for support one summer and have been friends ever since. What really irks me about her is that she was living in NYC the whole time I lived in Mass/Cape Cod and 5 months after we move from the Cape to North Carolina, her husband gets a job on Cape Cod and they move there! WHY!?!

Well, when I went home for Thanksgiving this year I made a trip to Cape Cod to visit with her for the day and take some long-over due family pictures. I have been wanting to take pictures of her family since before I even started k.ariel photography because, and it breaks my heart to say this, she only takes pictures with her cell phone!! Such a beautiful family deserves really nice pictures! Hopefully one day we’ll move back to Cape Cod and I’ll switch free photo sessions for personal training/work out sessions from her! :)

Here’s the Sassone family in and around their new home on Cape Cod!







The Lake Family

I met this family real soon after moving here to Southport. Jeremy works with my husband at the Oak Island CG station and we had a big cookout once we were all settled in. Over the summer our husbands played in a softball league (still trying to forget the embarrassment of that season!) and Alexis and I grew really close during those evenings. During the games we talked the whole time, made fun of our husbands a little bit, and I realized that we were basically meant to be. One day while out to lunch Alexis informed me that her and Jeremy were expecting their second child! So, naturally, I jumped at the idea of a photo shoot with them so they could have some cute pictures to announce that they were pregnant. Little did I know that once I posted those pictures they would go viral! I think that last time I checked, their announcement had over 80 “likes” and had been seen by over 3,500 people! 3,500 people!!!!

So here is the Lake family at Fort Anderson/Brunswick Town and towards the end are a whole slew of ways we posed for an announcement! Love you guys!!!



Two best friends, two mini sessions

The new Bennett family came back from Florida to visit their friends and made sure to get their family pictures taken while they were here for Christmas cards! The Bennetts went first and had such a great time they had their friends the Johnsons have a session as well! It was really wonderful to meet the children as they weren’t present last time we had a session over the summer. 

I’ve grown to really love this location I’ve discovered in Leland and these pictures keep getting better every time I visit there!


Harley kids

After having to reschedule for a few weeks due to weather (I swear it’s worse than New England!) I met with the Harley family, minus the hubby, on Fort Fisher, NC. I love being able to explore all new areas of this place! Just a short ferry ride over the Intracoastal Waterway, four miles from Southport is a beautiful little spot that boasts a beautiful ocean and some REALLY awesome “twisty trees”. At least, that’s what we’re calling them because the mom and I have no idea what type of tree they are. I’m sure my husband could tell me as he knows pretty much everything.

The goal for this shoot was to get some cute pictures for Christmas cards so I brought along some candy canes- fresh from Santa in the North Pole, of course. These were the “if you’re good!” enticement to get some cooperation with the kiddos but like most young children and goofy siblings, this was a hard task. Is Karma coming back to me? When I was younger and my mom tried taking pictures of us kids or as a family it took to get us to simmer down and pose nicely. Now I know what she went through! But I also know what the kids are going through. And I’ve found that it’s best to just let them be and try to capture them the best I can! Besides, looking back on my family pictures, I can honestly say that they fully represent us and the same will be for any family!