US Coast Guard Surfman Ceremony : Chatham, MA

A few weeks ago in March I was asked by my friend and wife of BM1 Brian Duffy to attend a special ceremony recognizing his advancement to Surfman (and take pictures, of course). In the Coast Guard, only the most well-trained heavy weather Coxswain (experienced boat driver) is eligible to become Surfman. They are the only ones qualified enough to drive the rescue boats through the harshest surf conditions for search and rescue missions. As you can imagine, becoming Surfman takes a lot of time, sacrifice and skill. In fact, the official Coast Guard website states that “only 1 out of every 25 BM1s will achieve the qualification of Surfman” and this achievement can only be obtained at 1 of 20 stations total throughout the United States that are known as “surf” stations.

So now that I know you thoroughly enjoyed this little lesson of Coast Guard Theory 101, here are some images from that morning! and Congratulations on your hard work, Brian!


Above: Senior Chief Goley giving a speech to all who attended



Above: retired and active duty Surfman pass along the Surfman pin as the Surfman creed is recited.


Above: BM1 Duffy is presented with a hand-whipped and engraved paddle by BM2 Baldwin and BM2 Lehrschall; a gift from Station Chatham for his achievement.



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