John, Briana & Peyton

This shoot took place down by the waterfront in Southport, NC. Even though at the time I had lived here for about a month, I hadn’t actually been down there yet. Once I parked there I vowed to come back again. This little area in downtown Southport is the quintessential backdrop portraying Southern living at it’s best. Big houses line the street with wide front porches. Everyone is sitting out on rocking chairs, porch swings or folding lawn chairs, sipping on some kind of ice cold beverage while they take in the beautiful view of the Cape Fear River joining the Atlantic Ocean. On the lawn, tons of families gather to sit on the benches and swings and enjoy time together, walking down the pier or feeding the sea gulls. It’s the perfect place to spend an evening and perfect place for a photo shoot!

If this was the perfect place then something was bound to happen. Ever have your camera lens fog up on the INSIDE from so much humidity? Well, that happened to this girl. I couldn’t figure out for the life of me what was going on with my camera! For about 15 minutes I desperately tried using my dress to dry off the lens while saying a few prayers that it wasn’t something serious. Luckily John and Briana had the patience of saints (or parents) and they were happy to stick around while I figured this situation out. Just before calling it quits (and having to reschedule for a third time) I googled the issue and found a quick solution! I ran to the car and blasted the heat on the lens for about 2 minutes and voila! Good as new! Apparently down here it’s SO humid, you need to let your camera acclimate to the weather before shooting outside! Lesson learned.

By the time we got to shooting, Peyton was more interested in playing in the water and running around so we had to get creative with family portraits. 99% of them are candid because well, a two year old isn’t going to sit still when there’s rocks and sand and sea gulls to be played with! 🙂 Hope you enjoy these!



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