The Millers

Back to Caswell Beach for this session with another Coastie family! This was another shoot that was constantly being rescheduled due to weather. So many passing thunderstorms this summer! But we finally got a break in the weather and headed to the beach for an evening with a fantastic sky! I couldn’t have asked for better lighting and background. For once, the water also looked very appealing instead of it’s normal brown color (sediment from the river flowing in right there). 

The Millers have two adorable little girls. I think this was the first session I ever had where the children were so eager to have their picture taken and actually cooperated the entire time! No frowning faces, no squirming, no crying. Just straight FUN! And you know what the parents bribed them with? Subway sandwiches! Never heard of that! This family was a dream to photograph and you’ll never guess that Jordan doesn’t like having her picture taken! All the girls were photogenic! 🙂




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