Brittney and Hunter

The morning my flight landed back in Wilmington from my time home in MA I was off to another photo shoot! Keeping it in the family, this time it was with my husband’s sister, my sister-in-law Brittney and her long-time boyfriend Hunter. All I knew about this session was that it was going to be at Hunter’s grandfather’s land out in the country. Secretly, I was hoping Hunter was going to propose at some point during our shoot but I had a feeling that wasn’t going to happen. But really, this session was his idea, as was the location! What else was I supposed to think!?

As we drove up the dirt road I instantly fell in love! Huge grass fields are my favorite and this place was full of it! Not to mention an old cabin that was actually the house that Hunter’s grandfather was born and raised in. Literally. He showed me the room where all the children were born in. The place is completely vacant now but it was so awesome to get a little glimpse of how people lived in the 1930s, Southern country style!

Aside from loving the location, I love these pictures! Brittney and Hunter are so fun together and they obviously photograph very well. I married into one freaking good-looking family! These pictures were so gorgeous, the only real editing I had to do was change the color of Hunter’s socks! (He has a thing for wearing white socks and black dress shoes).

Enjoy! 🙂


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