The Odom Family

Evenings on the beach down here are always gorgeous and make for the perfect backdrop for pictures. But kids love the beach for the sand, the crashing waves, finding sea shells and throwing things around. These two factors are really hard to go hand in hand when trying to get the perfect family portraits but luckily this family wasn’t looking for “perfect”! Looking through these pictures I don’t have a single image of everyone in the family looking directly at the camera smiling. For some parents  moms, that may be frustrating, but Kara wanted fun, candid shots of her family because that’s what they are! They are a fun, loving, energetic family and that really showed during our time together! I did have to swap a few heads out from other images to try to get a few good ones though 🙂 I also erased the majority of the tourists out of the images so it looks like we had the place to ourselves even though we were hanging out in downtown Southport during the peak of summer tourist season! It was another beautiful, fun evening with this Coastie family who have the two most beautiful daughters! (I may or may not have told mom and dad I was going to take them home with me!) Enjoy! 🙂


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