Rena and Anna

Rena and Anna are one of the cutest couples I know. They are best friends and completely in love with each other and it’s infectious. Being around them makes me happy and I’m so happy to have gotten to know them over the last couple years.

They live in Florida with their family but come up to the southern coast of North Carolina a couple times a year to stay with friends. They always try to get family pictures done when they are here. This year, after getting family Christmas pictures done they decided they wanted another session for just the two of them! Their friends took their kids out to dinner and it was like doing engagement pictures with two people still in the honeymoon state! They are the perfect definition of true love and why it used to be a disgrace that our country said they couldn’t legally be together. Because, seriously, everyone could learn a thing or two about being a cute, awesome couple from these ladies.


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