two cake smashes for two one year olds

Yikes! It’s been a while since I updated the blog and all the work I’ve been doing over the last 3 /15 months! But work is what I’ve been doing. Actually, no, I can’t say that because I truly love what I do and as they say, when you truly love what you do, it’s not work at all!

But for reals. I’ve been super busy. I think from the beginning of November through the first week of the New Year I didn’t have a moment to just relax and be the lazy self that I love being! (I’m really not that lazy. But I do love me some Netflix and Chill time!)

So any who. Back in September I photographed two little cherubs that were celebrating their first year of being born! The first one was Bently. He was having a Cars themed party so, thanks to my husband who used to be a mechanic, I made a little set up of all car/garage/mechanic stuff I could find, and then we used our old truck for some shots, then ended with the cake which he LOVED! I have never seen so much cake-face in my life! Most babies are all, “ew, yuck! get this off of me!” and he just went for it! You’ll also notice that he hasn’t quiet gotten the “smile for the camera or at least mommy” memo. No matter what we did he would not smile! But he sure is cute though!

Here is Bently’s first birthday cake smash session!


A week later I headed out to a beautiful homestead in Ocean Isle Beach to meet miss Madison for her session. Her birthday party was going to be bright orange and pink everything with accents of pumpkins. Being September and somewhat fall-ish, I picked up some bales of straw, a couple big pumpkins and I made the fabric backdrop that you see. We had so much fun at this session!

Madison was all over the place, fully loving her new ability to walk around. And she too loved her cake. We all lost it at the end when she just smeared the frosting all over her face! We couldn’t have asked for a better session!



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