Becky & Michael – Married 8.21.15

In true New England form, the day of Becky and Michael‘s nuptials, Mother Nature could not decide what she wanted to do. Rain was threatening the forecast almost all week, but everyone knows the weather can change in an instant so we all kept our fingers crossed. The morning of the wedding, my mom and I drove out from Western MA to East Bridgewater, MA. It stayed cloudy all morning but as we arrived, dark clouds were lingering, taunting us. The girls tried getting ready as fast as they could so they could get a couple decent shots outside before the rain came. We managed a couple and then the skies opened up just as we were about to move to a new location for more bridal party pictures! Ahh, we were a little unprepared for that! (thanks a lot, Mother Nature!)

By the time we reached the venue before the ceremony, Becky had decided to pull the ceremony indoors. It was sunny, spitting rain and unbearably humid at the same time. Staying inside with air conditioning was a great choice! This choice was further confirmed a good idea when we went outside for “first look” pictures. Just in the 15 minutes of standing out there we were all dripping in sweat! (well at least the groom and I were!)

The staff at The Villa were amazing at transforming the reception ballroom into a ceremony area in a matter of minutes as if it was always supposed to go this way.

Becky and Michael’s families played very important roles in their day, as well as their beloved four-legged baby Brody who was’t there in person but was everywhere else! During the ceremony, Becky’s cousin gave a speech depicting their love to that of a dog’s love and Brody even appeared on their cake topper. Since he was a rescue, they made a donation to Save a Lab foundation in lieu of gifts for their guests! (also a donation to RSD Hope for a condition her mother has) Michael’s grandmother gave the Irish blessing before the meal was served and then Michael’s family completely surprised them and all the guests with a picture slideshow of their years growing up and together. It was all so special and you could tell how much these two amazing people meant to every single person sitting in that room. In fact, there was one family who was supposed to be moving their son into college for his freshman year that very day, but they didn’t want to miss their wedding so they all came and then drove (to NY, I believe!) to the campus after the reception, very late at night!

The DJ had everyone packed on the dance floor all night, including me! Every song he played kept the momentum going and it was such a fun night! Cheers to Becky and Michael!

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