Little Lucas came into this world sometime in the early morning hours of a Tuesday back in January. I was supposed to try to be present before and during the birth but with my schedule it didn’t work out. So I ended up meeting the little guy and his new parents later that evening when he was about 16 hours old. Now, I’ve never been through a birth nor have I been present at one but I hear it’s a rather intense experience. Every time I have been to the hospital hours after a baby is born, somehow the mom never looks like she just went through labor. And Alyssa was no different. She was up and walking around, hair looked fresh, skin was flawless… and then she was holding the most perfect little boy that she gave birth to (and from what I heard) like a champ!

Her and Ian were so smitten with their little guy, and rightfully so! I took some pictures of their first few hours together in their hospital room as a family then we made plans for me to come to their house a few days later for more newborn pictures.

Alyssa is a teacher so it made perfect sense when she wanted a few of the pictures of him with certain books and she also had alphabet Bible verse cards (which I need!) to spell his name. He was such a champ through the whole session!


The Thornburg Wedding

Kayla and Nate met on a blind date and a few months later they knew they were meant to be. They decided to have their wedding on the one-year anniversary of their first date. Even though it was two days after Christmas, the theme of the wedding wasn’t holiday nor winter; it was all blush, lace and pearls!
The ceremony and reception took place at a venue called The Balcony on Dock St. however, this was actually that venue’s very last event! After their wedding on December 27, the venue as that name has ceased to exist. Kind of sad because it’s a wonderful little spot for a small wedding. It’s located in the heart of downtown Wilmington on the third floor of an old, historic building. Inside, the original wood floors and exposed brick on the majority of the walls give it a really industrial, rustic feel.
Kayla and Nate did not want to see each other before the wedding but they did decide to meet beforehand and have pictures taken together where they couldn’t see each other, but could touch each other. The guests in attendance were close family and friends, probably around 75 total. Perfectly small and intimate.
The “altar” was decorated in a shabby-chic way with old doors framing where they would stand under, and a sign with “I have found the one whom my soul loves” was handwritten on the board across it.
When Kayla was 14 her parents gave her a promise ring that she would stay pure until she was married. After her father walked her down the aisle, he took the promise ring off of Kayla’s finger and gave it to Nate, symbolizing that he was giving away a pure bride.
After the ceremony, guests went downstairs and outside to the courtyard to enjoy cocktail hour while we took pictures all along the riverwalk and side streets with cobblestone roads. It’s so different taking pictures on busy city streets as opposed to a private venue, but downtown Wilmington is so beautiful!
Back at the reception, Kayla and Nate danced their first dance together. They had YouTube’d a choreographed dance to Ed Sheehan’s “Thinking Out Loud” and learned all the moves (which was so adorable!). Then guests were served dinner and the bride and groom mingled around to each table. The father-daughter dance was also choreographed and very cute to watch. When it came time to “cut the cake”, they actually cut two desserts. Kayla likes cake and Nate likes pie so they both cut a small piece and fed each other their desired sweet.
Kayla opted to not have a DJ with dancing at the reception. Instead they had someone play music for the background and one fast song to dance to and one slow song for all the couples to dance to.
At the end of the night, guests left with little jars of locally sourced honey and they said farewell with a sparkler exit for the new Mrs. and Mrs.

Kayla’s Bridal Session

It was a beautiful October day when I shot Kayla’s bridal session around downtown Wilmington. And, confession: this was my very first real bridal portrait session! say what?!

Well, I’m pretty sure bridal portrait sessions expired sometime around 2001 up north. I have never once seen modern-day photographers show them on their websites or offered them in packages so I never gave it a second thought when I was shooting weddings. Then I move down here and all I hear about are bridal sessions. And lemme tell you, Northerners, y’all are missing out! 😉

A bridal session is so much fun! You get to spend an afternoon taking pictures of a beautiful woman in a beautiful location and you’re left with 255-too many amazingly beautiful portraits of the bride! It is a dream session for women who love having their pictures taken because there’s no one there to get mad when we suggest 1,000 more poses *cough, the guys, cough, cough*. 

So this particular day, we met at the Graystone Inn which a gorgeous Victorian era bed and breakfast in downtown Wilmington. This is where her and future hubby would spend their wedding night together and where she was going to get ready with her ladies on the day of the wedding so the owners were gracious enough to open their doors to us and we had the run of the enormous mansion. We did some shots inside and outside then we headed to the waterfront to finish the session.

I’m not sure how bridal sessions are supposed to go. All I know is we had a lot of fun, took a lot of pictures, got creative with poses and I was left with way too many good shots to choose from. Of course, the intention behind this session is to have one good picture to post at the wedding reception. It was a hard decision, as you’ll see, but in the future post of their wedding you’ll see which one she ended up loving the most!