December Family Sessions

The last few families to squeeze in a session for Christmas cards in December. These are the slackers! Just kidding. (kinda…)

So let’s start with the Dolce family. It’s so awesome to grow with a family and see how their babies change. Frank (the hubby in these pictures) and my husband are good childhood friends so we had them over for breakfast at our house before I took them out for their family session. It is essential to fill up on a good, hearty meal before venturing out in the woods for pictures! Plus, if little Nico gets used to seeing me, then he’ll work the camera for me later on, which he absolutely did! His big, fun, and wild little boy personality completely shown through during our time outside!


So the next family I met was the Matthews Family! They are the sweetest family and they moved up here from Texas. They wanted to have a session that showed the North Carolina landscape which, I assume, is different from back where they came from! So, a paid afternoon to walk around hiking trails in the woods? Yes please! Oh, and also? Their two adorable children were so sweet and fun plus their two little Dachshunds tagged along. One was a few months old and his little brother who was practically the size of my hand and they stole my heart. I tried getting them to sneak into my car when we left the Nature Park, but then I realized they’d probably be missed.

I was also let in on a little secret (which isn’t a secret anymore at this point) so see if you can figure it out from one of the images below! 🙂


Last but not least; the Crocker family! Like a lot of country lovers, they wanted to utilize our 1950 truck for their pictures, but Mr. Ralph doesn’t move at the moment so they came over to my house. All day Debbie and I were texting because the weather was a little iffy. There wasn’t any real precipitation predicted to come until late in the evening, and we were shooting for around 3:00. But after watching the skies, I told her it may be better to start at 1:00 because it would be cloudy all day and it’s better to do a cloudy session early in the afternoon when it’s still bright. So they headed out and literally as soon as I met them at location #1, it started to sprinkle. I assumed it was a passing cloud so we decided to just go for it. We got out of our cars, we took some really cute pictures and less than 10 minutes into it, the sprinkling had turned in to rain. So we rushed back to our cars and drove to my house. I figure it was still a passing shower, so while we waited I put on some football and brought out the chips and salsa and we hung out for a little bit. After checking the radar, I saw that the forecast had completely changed and it wasn’t going to let up at all. I felt so bad because they drove almost 45 minutes here just to have pictures of our truck. I tried thinking of ways to go outside but stay out of the rain, but it just didn’t seem like it would work. But instead of being discouraged, Jaime, Debbie and Kaylee were like, “screw it! let’s go outside!”. So outside we went. I stood with an umbrella and they got all kinds of wet.  I need to give props to the Crocker family for not caring at all and making the most of the situation! I wish the sky could have cooperated but it was still  fun way to end the session!


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