Again, here is baby boy part deux. The newborn images from a maternity session I did a while back. I love doing maternity sessions then being able to meet the little bean a few months later! Newborns melt my heart no matter how much they cry or don’t cooperate during our time. This was a good example of that! This session took nearly 4 hours! But I didn’t mind because I had company (our mutual friend tagged along) and the new daddy grilled us some tasty burgers for lunch!

As you’ll see, someone in this family is a big sports fan. MLB to be exact, as the majority of the props and themed shots are all Phillies! It’s no Red Sox but at least it’s not the Yankees! 😉 Here is Jackson!


Jessica & Isai : Plymouth, MA

Within seconds of walking into the gorgeous mansion on the Plymouth waterfront, I was greeted by a very large and very cheerful family. I knew then that I was going to have an excellent day; despite the mid 90 degrees and humidity. I’m pretty sure all the Virginians in attendance brought the heat with them. 

I loved this family. You could tell their philosophy of Faith, Family and Friends was the reason they were so close-nit. The day got away from us, as wedding days usually do, and we missed out on some pictures before the ceremony began. But we made up for it afterwards! The bridal party was humungous and I had my work cut out for me but luckily they were all about having fun which is what I’m all about! We got some really great candids which personally, I love way more than posed portraits. Of course, as you’ll see, we got the typical “Bridesmaids” pictures from the movie cover of Bridesmaids. I wanted that shot for my wedding but I’ve actually never seen the movie so I didn’t think that was appropriate. This isn’t about me anyways. 

Jessica and Isai, I had a lot of fun hanging out at your wedding and I wish you two the best! I also want to thank my mother Lani of Heritage Photography for second shooting with me. Some of these gorgeous images are hers!





This is my favorite newborn shoot thus far because not only was this little dude SO cute, but he actually stayed asleep for almost the whole time! He was so precious and little and awesome and perfect… there was a moment where I wanted to take him home with me! This shoot was also my favorite because the parents actually wanted to be in the pictures and I got some heart-warming shots of them with their new bundle of joy. They were open to all kinds of poses which was great because I was FINALLY able to get the “head on the hands” pose. Which actually isn’t a pose at all.

For those who don’t know, to get that kind of “pose” I actually have to edit two separate pictures and combine them into one. One picture is of the parents holding the baby’s head so I can have a picture of the arms. And the second picture is of them holding from below so I can have a head to use. It’s a little tricky and this was my very first time attempting this shot so I’m pretty proud of the way that it came out!


Erika & Brenton’s Wedding : Wilmington, NC

My very first wedding of the 2013 season was booked by my husband’s cousin and I couldn’t be happier. It gave me a great excuse to put my new camera and skills to use and I was so happy to be able to offer my services to this awesome couple! Oh, and I should give a shout-out to my husband who was my “assistant” and snagged a few shots as well!

The wedding was May 18 and it felt like July. Hot, humid, ring of curls in my hair, sweat dripping down my back, but nonetheless the day was so BEAUTIFUL! The groom, obviously handsome coming from my husband’s family, and the bride. The bride was the most stunning young lady I’ve seen. And SO down the Earth! I thought I was a chill bride – no sir, she was even more laid back! Issues that would normally trigger bridezilla she just rolled it off her shoulders. She was more concerned with marrying her best friend than anything else and that’s perfect in my eyes! May God bless you guys and your lives together!