New Ventures into the Fitness World

I’ve known miss Kristy for years and even though we’ve moved thousands of miles away from each other we’ve still remained long-distance friends. When we met, she was a new mom to a beautiful little girl. Like most women and moms, she started going to the gym to get back to her pre-baby body. She did a fantastic job at it and got really toned. Then she got pregnant again with her second child and I followed every step of her journey and gym life on social media. She would post her gigantic belly (like seriously- it stuck out like 2 feet from her tiny frame; and she was all just belly!) after her spinning and gym workouts and it was so inspiring!

Well, after Chase came into the world and she was cleared to work out again, she hit the gym hard. One thing lead to another and she ended up teaching spinning classes, all the while gaining her amazing body back. Her husband got a different job and they moved to a different state but she picked right back up at a new gym. She started teaching spin again, took lots of classes and has become a personal trainer. Through all of this, she obviously became addicted to working out and with the help of her other friend Terin, who is a World Beauty Fitness and Fashion (WBFF) Pro Figure Competitor, she worked towards the same goals as Terin. After years of very hard work, blood, sweat and tears, Kristy is now an OCB Bikini Competitor, just starting out and hoping for Pro IFPA status in this coming April at her next competition!

Now that you know Kristy’s back story, here is how I come in to play. Like some ladies who are addicted to Pinterest, I’m constantly pinning workouts and fitness inspirations to try to lose the 30 lbs I’ve put on since moving down south three years ago. Tons of pins later, seeing all of the fitness models and fitness memes circulating the internet, plus the fact that Kristy posts tons of gym selfies from her iPhone I became really anxious to offer her a fitness photoshoot. Someone who has worked as hard as she has, deserves some professional quality pictures to show off her amazing body. Plus, as a personal trainer, she should have some on hand 😉

Now, here’s the problem: fitness photoshoots are completely different from how I shoot. Of course, we could have a session outside like some shoots are, but at the end of November in New England, that’s really not an option. That day ended up being so cold and it poured rain! So how is a natural light, lifestyle photographer supposed to shoot indoors, at nighttime, with no off-camera flash?

Um, just wing it?

Okay, sure. Treat this like a wedding reception of sorts. Boost my external flash and do lots of research on posing and angles.

Luckily for me, Kristy had Terin part of the photo shoot as well and Terin has experience with fitness shoots so she helped direct the session. I think the images came out rather good for my first time attempting something completely out of my element! ….and then a few weeks later my pudgy self got a few personal training sessions from Kristy via lots of texting and I’m down almost 10lbs! So now I can say that my images of these two beautiful women are just as inspiring as the ones I have been pinning of other women. If you’re inspired after reading this, and certainly if you live around Cape Cod, go find Kristy and let her change your life for the better!

And I need to point out that both of these ladies are mothers of two babies. So, here’s your inspiration!


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