Little Lucas came into this world sometime in the early morning hours of a Tuesday back in January. I was supposed to try to be present before and during the birth but with my schedule it didn’t work out. So I ended up meeting the little guy and his new parents later that evening when he was about 16 hours old. Now, I’ve never been through a birth nor have I been present at one but I hear it’s a rather intense experience. Every time I have been to the hospital hours after a baby is born, somehow the mom never looks like she just went through labor. And Alyssa was no different. She was up and walking around, hair looked fresh, skin was flawless… and then she was holding the most perfect little boy that she gave birth to (and from what I heard) like a champ!

Her and Ian were so smitten with their little guy, and rightfully so! I took some pictures of their first few hours together in their hospital room as a family then we made plans for me to come to their house a few days later for more newborn pictures.

Alyssa is a teacher so it made perfect sense when she wanted a few of the pictures of him with certain books and she also had alphabet Bible verse cards (which I need!) to spell his name. He was such a champ through the whole session!


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