some exciting things are happening!

Happy Friday! For those with me on Cape Cod, nothing like waking up to 7 inches of snow in the spring time, eh? Personally, I love it because well, it’s what I’m used to but this is also my last winter/year living in Massachusetts/good ol’ New England for who knows how long. It’s like Mother Nature knows I’m leaving my homeland and is like, “hey, want to have an unforgettable last winter up north before you move down south?” Ahh, for those who don’t know (I’m sure there’s maybe one person somewhere out there who hasn’t heard the news yet) my husband received his new transfer orders with the Coast Guard and we are moving to Southport, NC where he will be stationed at CG Station Oak Island. I know what you’re thinking… SOUTHPORT!? TAKE PICTURES OF ALL THE PLACES DEPICTED IN SAFE HAVEN! šŸ˜‰

As a Northern girl I’m a little nervous about theĀ oppressiveĀ heat I’ve been warned about, the SNAKES everywhere, the plethora of bugs that will challenge my will to spend evenings outside, and the law that says I can’t take Bear along for car rides while running errands. But I’m looking forward to some great beaches, waterfront dining (and lots of it!), living in a new and different area, learning a new culture of our diverse country, SOUTHERN ACCENTS, a more laid back atmosphere, hopefully meeting many new clients for years to come and getting closer to my husband’s side of the family.

I’m going to miss the wonderful seasons, the snow, the idea that a white Christmas is a possibility, Colonial style homes, clam chowdah, fish n’ chips with northern Atlantic cod and haddock, being able to leave my car windows down all night, sleeping with the windows open, having beach and mountains just a couple hours from each other, hiking up mountains a few hours away, skiing, being able to understand everyone’s accents, great drivers in the snow and last but not least, my amazing clients whom I’ve met through this entire year and my dearest friends and family. I will miss you all so much but our home will always welcome visitors! I am officially taking reservations for vacations at our humble abode, 4 miles from the beach, palm trees included šŸ™‚

On a slightly different note, k.ariel photography has joined the Square card reader family and can now accept debit/credit cards! Yay!


our street this morning at 7am. Yep. Gonna miss this!

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