The Morris Family

A few years ago before I moved to the area, the Morris family had just become a family of three. They visited Myrtle Beach and had some of the first family portraits taken of them and their baby girl, Caroline. Fast forward a few years and they came back as a family of five! Cammie wanted to re-create some of the pictures taken of Caroline with their second daughter Caswell. From being on the same stretch of beach to some of the same outfits that Caroline wore, Caswell had her first outdoor photo shoot to match her older sister! (The funny thing is, she looks like her brother Charlie when he was a baby!)

We met on the beach in the morning and like all beach sessions with young children, they were more interested in playing in the sand that looking at Miss Kirsten with the camera! Finally, at the end, I got Caswell’s attention with some Doobie Brothers. Who wouldn’t want to smile and groove along to “Listen to the Music”?


morrisMB4 morrisMB3

morrisMB5 morrisMB6

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