Christmas minis at the farm!

Like I stated in my last post (I hope you’re reading these in order!) I love real Christmas trees. Stemming from my family’s tradition of cutting down our tree every year, plus my love of farms, I decided that I really wanted to offer mini sessions at a Christmas tree farm when I went back up north to MA for Thanksgiving. Down where I live in coastal NC, tree farms are virtually nonexistent but up where I come from they are as abundant as the Waffle House is down here. Anytime I go to Massachusetts there’s always a list of friends that want to see me. Unfortunately, every time I do make it up there, my schedule is always jam-packed with people to see and things to do that I don’t always have the extra time to see everyone. So I figured if I offer mini sessions, it will give me the time to see everyone, plus get them their Christmas photos they all wanted! So around mid-September I started calling around to farms in Western MA to see if anyone would let me use their land. One of them got back to me, and it was a little farm named Allen Tree Farm  in Westfield where I went to college!

The only non-ideal thing about this session was my only free time was on a Saturday morning between 8 and 10:00. After that, my husband and I were headed 3 hours away to Cape Cod for a wedding that afternoon. So my time was very limited and I was only able to get three families in (plus one more that my mother so graciously accepted to shoot that afternoon since I could not!) but these three families are my friends so I was super excited about that! Anyone who knows anything about outdoor photography knows that any time but Golden Hour is not an ideal to shoot portraits unless it’s cloudy or there is ample shade. Well, that morning was chilly but not a cloud in the sky! It proved a little difficult, but I brought my Christmas music with me and we jingled all the way through the morning! Or you could say, we rocked around those Christmas trees! (I could keep going if you want me to…)

I can’t thank the DeBonee, Ramos and Gabriel families enough for driving out to Westfield for a brief rendezvous with me! Oh, and props to Ashley (the last session) who still came even though she was in a half-leg cast and hobbling on crutches from a very bad motorcycle accident!





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