Mistie and Stacy – Engaged!

Mistie is my… cousin-in-law? Second cousin? Not sure how this genealogy works, but she is my husband’s cousin, which makes her a cousin of mine of some sort. Though I haven’t known her my whole life like you normally do with cousins, the few years that I have known her I’ve gotten to know the sweetest lady ever. When she started dating Stacy you could just tell how happy she was and how in love they were. Fast forward I don’t know how many months, and Mistie tells me they are coming to our area around Christmas and wanted to know if I would take their family photos. Of course I said yes! We went to a morning Christmas service at their family church where she happily flaunted her sparkly new rock on her ring finger! Surprise! So these family pictures turned into engagement pictures as well! Just before sitting down for our family holiday feast, we walked around Nanny’s property and down the dirt road to the street sign. Why? Because my in-laws live on their own road named after them and she is a proud Lehrschall! I am so excited for the two of them to start their new lives together and join their two families together. quincy2





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