The beginning of Christmas season!

I had two sessions in early November that weren’t really Christmas themed in any way but they kicked off my Christmas card season which is always my favorite time of the year! They also both took advantage of our old 1950 truck that’s parked in our backyard. Good ol’ Ralph is getting a pretty good modeling career out of being a 66 years old!

First up was Liza, Nate and their fur baby Smoltz. Back in I think, September, Liza and I made plans to have the session at my house to use my truck then I came up with a grand idea to end the session with a bon fire and roasting marshmallows. It all sounded all kinds of cute and dandy and I even planned on that being our Christmas card this year.

So now comes the day of the session where it’s supposed to be cold for Christmas time and perfect bonfire weather, and good ol’ North Carolina decided to give us 80 degrees and probably 99% humidity. Nothing says Christmas in Dixie like bundling up for summertime weather! Poor Nate was sweating while starting the fire and we were being eating alive by mosquitoes! But through it all they kept a happy spirit, kept their layers on, sat by the fire, and gave me adorable pictures! Just look at them! You would never know it was beach weather that day! 🙂


So the second session was the Morris family and it was a family/first birthday combo session. Remember Caswell’s first debut to the world? Yeah, well, now she’s one year old and she’s taking the world by storm with her new found ability to stand and her dazzling, wide-open smile!

This session was a tad bit colder and with a threat of rain coming, it was the better day for a bon-fire and marshmallows. And you can always count on Cammie to have everyone dressed in perfect Southern coordination!



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