Christmas families, part two!

This next round of families are both very near and dear to my heart; one is family and one is like family and I’ve watched these kids grow so much in the last few years!

I met the Lake family at one of my favorite places to visit and have a session; Fort Fisher. It was a beautiful fall day, one of those that was finally starting to get a chill in the air. Road construction was happening on the road that I wanted to take some pictures at and at first I was a little let down that I couldn’t do what I wanted to do. But then I looked towards the work trucks and saw that they were creating a big wall of dust that when it hit the sunlight through the trees did something magical! So I told them if they could get over the smell of new pavement being burned and poured, let’s start there!

The lighting was beyond beautiful through the whole session, as it always is at Fort Fisher. There were a few melt downs (I’m not naming names… ;)) but I was definitely able to get a few good ones!


For the Pridgeon family, we met at the Wilmington Arboretum. I had never been there before, but what a neat place! It’s definitely a great place to spend some time with family and children and the best part is they are dog friendly!

It was mid-November and another near 80 degree day. Didn’t Mother Nature know we needed to take Christmas pictures? Humid, mid 70’s and flannel do not mix. But again, you would never know warm it was by these pictures! We walked around the whole arboretum taking pictures, bribed poses with gold fish (for both Sadie and Nate!) stopped for some play time and left with some great candid shots of this beautiful family!


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