Fitzpatrick part 2 – Breoghan’s cake smash

So here is part deux of that morning. After suffering an ear infection the week before this little cutie was ready for some cake action! Finally my first cake smash where the baby didn’t mind making a mess and double fisting the sugary sweet goodness. This cake was made by a local baker, also a coastie wife. If you’re in the Upper Cape area, check out The Graceful Baker! I was given a couple leftover cupcakes to bring home and… YUM!! Breoghan didn’t even mind sharing some with the whole family!

Check out her fun and wonderfully color coordinated set up for her first birthday! (Her mommy and daddy worked on it all and my gosh, I mean, it belongs on Pinterest!)



The Dempseys

This is one of my favorite shoots that I’ve done so far. The lighting, the backgrounds, their outfits and their cuteness just makes these pictures look so amazing! This was a couples/maternity shoot as it was planned to be done on their wedding anniversary and showcase Kristen’s *tiny* 9 month baby bump! Can you seriously believe that on that day of the shoot she was 9 months pregnant on the dot!? That means the 40 week period should be right about now! We’ll find out soon whether they’re having a boy or a girl but until then, feel free to admire and adore this awesomely cute couple. They had me feeling like I was photographing a spread for L.L. Bean with all the nautical elements!