Katie Mae

This beautiful lady and her husband were expecting their first baby at the end of April. At the beginning of April, the more I saw her, the more I felt like she was not going to last until then. We did her maternity session when she was about 36 weeks on a Friday and they welcomed their beautiful baby girl one week later! Great timing!

Before having a human baby, Katie Mae was first a mother to two English Setters, Gunner and Molly, so she wanted to incorporate them into her session. Gunner was a lot more attentive and attached to his mommy than Molly was so he’s actually the only one we were able to get pictures with.

We took a lot of pictures inside her almost finished nursery, and oh my goodness, I fell in love! With items from Ikea and The Land of Nod, this room was, as I like to say, Pinterest-worthy! Has anyone else seen a mermaid-themed room before? Of course, Katie Mae coordinated so perfectly in that room with her gorgeous red hair! Check it out!

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Barfoot Maternity

My latest session and newest Coastie family (to be), the Barfoots did their session when Sonja was TEN DAYS from her due date! I’ve photographed a couple at 36 weeks, but never within DAYS of their due date! We picked a date on a weekend that just happened to have some extreme weather coming but obviously we had no choice but to keep it to that weekend, just in case! The day started out nice and warm and just 15 minutes before the session I was outside in a t-shirt. By the time I drove to the beach, the weather had turned from warm and sunny to cloudy, windy, and FREEZING cold! None of us were prepared for this, not to mention the wind on the beach was a little insane. We snapped a few pictures anyways but decided to try again the next day. That Saturday turned out to be even colder but at least the sun was out, so we met at a non-beach location hoping that would help with the wind. Sonja and her husband Scott were troopers to work through the cold without jackets on or gloves! Lord knows my fingers were frozen and I had gloves!

Fast forward a little bit, and I find out that Sonja and Scott delivered their baby girl the very next day on Sunday evening! Talk about great timing! Want to hear something else crazy? She told me afterwards that her water broke 30 minutes before our session on Saturday! And they didn’t tell me!! I even joked with them during the session that it was so close, she could have gone into labor before we could try session #2. They must have looked at each other smiling without me noticing! (Can you tell I’m still in shock?)

Anyways, I’m so happy for you both and wish you the best on this new adventure! If you can endure a photo session partially in labor, you can do anything! 😉 Enjoy!


The Baker’s gender reveal!

I know way too many people that are pregnant right now. There must be something in the water. All over the country. But as a photographer it got me really anxious to do a gender reveal photo shoot! Personally, I want to do one when I get that taste of the water and it’s our time for that. I just love the fact that I can be there to capture the raw, genuine emotions of finding out whether it’s a boy or a girl! It’s such a BIG moment in your life! So I met up with Amanda, her husband and their two oldest children; a yellow lab and a boxer, at Poplar Grove Plantation and we had a fun afternoon taking LOTS of different shots of announcing what they’re having! And in true country-boy fashion, her husband did not see the issue with keeping his camo trucker hat on! Enjoy! 🙂

 IT’S A BOY! 🙂

Atlanta & Jake – having a baby boy!

I apologize in advance, I’m going to be biased in this post. I can’t help it. This is my sister-in-law and her husband and I am head over heels in love with these pictures of them! I mean, I’m patting myself on the back for the way these came out. Have you ever seen a more radiant pregnant lady?? And check out Jake’s genuine, authentic smile in 99% of these shots. It screams “I’m so excited to be a daddy!” 

My favorite part; eh, no ok scratch that, I enjoyed the whole shoot. The part that warmed my heart the most was when it came time for Atlanta’s solo shoot. Jake is so proud to be married to such a beautiful momma to be! He was excited to get shots of the belly sticking out and the hands-making-a-heart shot… that was his idea! 

I love these two people as a couple and they are going to make AMAZING parents. Can’t wait to meet this baby boy! A few more weeks and counting!!







Wolfe Maternity : Lincoln, RI

The beautiful pregnant lady in these pictures is the sister of another maternity shoot client that I had back in December. (Does that even make sense??) Must be awesome to be pregnant at the same time as your sister! This couple was so much fun to work with and their dog Grizzly became best friends with my dog, Bear! It’s like it was fate that I was supposed to photograph them because our dogs’ names fit perfectly! These parents are due just in time for Mother’s Day so we’ll find out in a few weeks whether it’s a girl or boy!


Toy Maternity : Sandwich, MA

This Coastie couple are expecting their first child this spring; a baby boy to start their new journey as a family! We met at Dexter’s Grist Mill in Sandwich, MA on what was supposed to be a warm(ish), sunny day but turned out to be cloudy and very cold! But they didn’t let it bother them and they braved the entire shoot without jackets on while I shivered in my North Face! Here’s to warmer weather for when baby Jackson is born!

I’m trying out my new editing software that my husband bought me as a surprise gift so take a look at my “new look”!










The Dempseys

This is one of my favorite shoots that I’ve done so far. The lighting, the backgrounds, their outfits and their cuteness just makes these pictures look so amazing! This was a couples/maternity shoot as it was planned to be done on their wedding anniversary and showcase Kristen’s *tiny* 9 month baby bump! Can you seriously believe that on that day of the shoot she was 9 months pregnant on the dot!? That means the 40 week period should be right about now! We’ll find out soon whether they’re having a boy or a girl but until then, feel free to admire and adore this awesomely cute couple. They had me feeling like I was photographing a spread for L.L. Bean with all the nautical elements!