The MacKenzie Wedding

I first met Amy, the bride, during one of my first weekends as a freshman at Westfield State College (now University). Our mutual friends forced us to meet at a party because they all said I looked more like her than her twin sister did and I should use her ID as a fake. (Don’t worry mom, this never happened!) Through these mutual friends, I became close to her and her sister even though they were two years ahead of me. After they graduated we kept in touch, even tailgating together at a Patriots game and Toby Keith concert. All three of us also have labs for pets  children and we kept trying to set up play dates with them!

About a month after I moved down here to Southport, NC, Amy contacted me and inquired about photography for their destination wedding ceremony south of Myrtle Beach, SC. Her groom’s and her family rented an oceanfront house for the week to relax and have a wedding ceremony! With the location being just under two hours away I jumped at the opportunity to be there on her special day and give her fabulous pictures to remember their time with their closest family members. They had already celebrated with a big bash before coming down, so this was just a very small and casual beachfront ceremony.

Let me tell you folks, this is the way to go! No stress, no frills, no countless vendors to contact or thousands of dollars gone just for one day. You still get the same outcome at the end of the day minus all the anxiety of perfection. The weather was perfect, their families were awesome and bonus for them, my baby Bear accompanied me because they needed at least one lab in attendance! 🙂





Erika & Brenton’s Wedding : Wilmington, NC

My very first wedding of the 2013 season was booked by my husband’s cousin and I couldn’t be happier. It gave me a great excuse to put my new camera and skills to use and I was so happy to be able to offer my services to this awesome couple! Oh, and I should give a shout-out to my husband who was my “assistant” and snagged a few shots as well!

The wedding was May 18 and it felt like July. Hot, humid, ring of curls in my hair, sweat dripping down my back, but nonetheless the day was so BEAUTIFUL! The groom, obviously handsome coming from my husband’s family, and the bride. The bride was the most stunning young lady I’ve seen. And SO down the Earth! I thought I was a chill bride – no sir, she was even more laid back! Issues that would normally trigger bridezilla she just rolled it off her shoulders. She was more concerned with marrying her best friend than anything else and that’s perfect in my eyes! May God bless you guys and your lives together!