The Maultsby Family

This photo session has been almost a year in the making. We tried a couple times back in the fall and it wouldn’t work out, but finally, on Mother’s Day it worked to get everyone in the family all together at the same time. I can’t say how it would have turned out if we did this back in the fall, but I LOVE these images of this amazing family! I met them at their vacation home on the ocean in Holden Beach at 8am on Mother’s Day, praying that the rain clouds that loomed over would stay away for at least the hour that we needed for the pictures! As all photographers know, cloudy, over-cast days are better for day-time photos and I think they added a little something to the background here. I loved their outfits! Not the traditional “family beach” pictures, just a certain scheme to follow and everyone wore their own outfit. Perfect! We did a whole variety of shots; whole family, Mom and dad and their children, grand kids, each couple, each parent with their child(ren)… It was the perfect morning and great way to start the special day for all the mothers there.

And bonus- the rain did hold off until I was on my way home!


Harley kids

After having to reschedule for a few weeks due to weather (I swear it’s worse than New England!) I met with the Harley family, minus the hubby, on Fort Fisher, NC. I love being able to explore all new areas of this place! Just a short ferry ride over the Intracoastal Waterway, four miles from Southport is a beautiful little spot that boasts a beautiful ocean and some REALLY awesome “twisty trees”. At least, that’s what we’re calling them because the mom and I have no idea what type of tree they are. I’m sure my husband could tell me as he knows pretty much everything.

The goal for this shoot was to get some cute pictures for Christmas cards so I brought along some candy canes- fresh from Santa in the North Pole, of course. These were the “if you’re good!” enticement to get some cooperation with the kiddos but like most young children and goofy siblings, this was a hard task. Is Karma coming back to me? When I was younger and my mom tried taking pictures of us kids or as a family it took to get us to simmer down and pose nicely. Now I know what she went through! But I also know what the kids are going through. And I’ve found that it’s best to just let them be and try to capture them the best I can! Besides, looking back on my family pictures, I can honestly say that they fully represent us and the same will be for any family!



I met back up with the Austermiller family to capture their daughter’s four-year old pictures. We met at a place called Westgate Nature Park in Leland, NC and I fell in love with the location. It has been newly built and has a pretty cool playground and then a neat walking trail through the woods. There are other dirt roads and wide open fields as you walk and at the end, an awesome wooden bridge that opens to a big platform with benches.

To add to this awesome scenery is the CUTEST little girl. She was a typical little girl who just wanted to play and run around. In between picking up rocks, climbing and pulling flowers she managed to throw in some adorable little smiles and poses. Brynn is a little mini southern belle and I loved photographing her!



Here’s Nate’s newborn photos! He was such an awesome little dude throughout his whole session! He endured pictures in his nursery, outside on their screened patio, then to Wrightsville Beach, all without ever crying! He even slept through our time afterwards eating pizza at a local joint outside on a busy road! He only slept for the last bit of the evening but we made sure to get all the shots we wanted with him! Including an “after” shot from Atlanta’s maternity session on their privately owned dock!





Nathaniel’s Debut to the World

There’s a whole new fad of photography out there for capturing the births of newborn babies. I hadn’t thought much about it, especially since with offering that kind of photography, you really need to be available at any time! However, with my sister-in-law and her husband expecting their first child just after we moved down here, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to try out this new gig and also document a very special time in these new parents’ lives!

Nate came to the world a happy and healthy 7lbs 12oz. My guess was 8lbs, 4 oz!

I wasn’t able to document the actual birth (a C-section isn’t very interesting anyways) but I was there starting with the grandparents seeing and holding their first grand baby for the first time. That Thursday was such an exciting and special day for our family. Welcome to the world, little Nate-boo! 🙂


The Anderson Family

Presenting my latest Coast Guard family with the cutest blonde hair-blue eyed baby girl I’ve ever seen! I met the Andersons at the Wilmington River Walk where the CG cutter Diligence is moored up. Erin wanted family pictures done before her husband, who works on the Diligence, went underway for a few months. 

Their daughter who is just over two years old is at that stage where she just wants to go-go-go, all on her own so it was a bit tricky getting pictures done here! We tried all kinds of ways to distract her to keep her happy in one spot. One of those times though it ended with her falling and splitting open a previous cut on her knee. This ultimately meant the end of our shoot but luckily we were nearing the end anyways. We weren’t able to take our time and get portraits in front of the CG cutter but we tried a few quick ones before packing up!

Through it all, her cute little grin makes all the pictures so great and wonderful!


Atlanta & Jake – having a baby boy!

I apologize in advance, I’m going to be biased in this post. I can’t help it. This is my sister-in-law and her husband and I am head over heels in love with these pictures of them! I mean, I’m patting myself on the back for the way these came out. Have you ever seen a more radiant pregnant lady?? And check out Jake’s genuine, authentic smile in 99% of these shots. It screams “I’m so excited to be a daddy!” 

My favorite part; eh, no ok scratch that, I enjoyed the whole shoot. The part that warmed my heart the most was when it came time for Atlanta’s solo shoot. Jake is so proud to be married to such a beautiful momma to be! He was excited to get shots of the belly sticking out and the hands-making-a-heart shot… that was his idea! 

I love these two people as a couple and they are going to make AMAZING parents. Can’t wait to meet this baby boy! A few more weeks and counting!!







Abigail : 6 months old!

Ok, I lied. This was actually my last shoot on Cape Cod with a Coastie family! Abigail was a sweet little 6 month cutie who was such a trooper through this shoot! Her mom and I toted her all around Heritage Farms and Garden in Sandwich, changed her outfit multiple times and even endured a swarm of mosquitoes! I swear I had at least 20 bites on my body after our time in the woods!

But these pictures are worth it because they are Adorable!








Again, here is baby boy part deux. The newborn images from a maternity session I did a while back. I love doing maternity sessions then being able to meet the little bean a few months later! Newborns melt my heart no matter how much they cry or don’t cooperate during our time. This was a good example of that! This session took nearly 4 hours! But I didn’t mind because I had company (our mutual friend tagged along) and the new daddy grilled us some tasty burgers for lunch!

As you’ll see, someone in this family is a big sports fan. MLB to be exact, as the majority of the props and themed shots are all Phillies! It’s no Red Sox but at least it’s not the Yankees! 😉 Here is Jackson!


Jessica & Isai : Plymouth, MA

Within seconds of walking into the gorgeous mansion on the Plymouth waterfront, I was greeted by a very large and very cheerful family. I knew then that I was going to have an excellent day; despite the mid 90 degrees and humidity. I’m pretty sure all the Virginians in attendance brought the heat with them. 

I loved this family. You could tell their philosophy of Faith, Family and Friends was the reason they were so close-nit. The day got away from us, as wedding days usually do, and we missed out on some pictures before the ceremony began. But we made up for it afterwards! The bridal party was humungous and I had my work cut out for me but luckily they were all about having fun which is what I’m all about! We got some really great candids which personally, I love way more than posed portraits. Of course, as you’ll see, we got the typical “Bridesmaids” pictures from the movie cover of Bridesmaids. I wanted that shot for my wedding but I’ve actually never seen the movie so I didn’t think that was appropriate. This isn’t about me anyways. 

Jessica and Isai, I had a lot of fun hanging out at your wedding and I wish you two the best! I also want to thank my mother Lani of Heritage Photography for second shooting with me. Some of these gorgeous images are hers!